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Tax Credit Affects on the Wind Power Sector

Nowadays, more and more countries are going to use wind power due to its potential to offer clear energy on a continuous basis. It is estimated that in the US, it would account for one-fifth of the country’s electricity demand by 2030. Advancement in technical know-how, along with the subsidies offered by the government, this power sector has gone through tremendous growth in recent years. There has also been a sharp decline in the cost of production of electricity from wind energy… Read more

Seven Wind Projects to Benefit from Energy Department

The Department of Energy has announced that it would award seven wind projects in a bid to help the wind industry on the design and development technology of off-shore power generation. The total award is to the tune of $28 million and the companies will receive their shares of $4 million each. The amount is to be spent on completing the work they have undertaken in six states after which three of them will receive $47 million over a period of four years in order to construct and install the machineries to start commercial production by 2017… Read more

Wind Power Generation Can Overtake that from Natural Gas in 2012

With the expiry of the tax credit coming to a closer, companies are gearing up to install the wind turbines in the U.S. As a result, the installation of wind turbines may be more than that of power plants that run on fuel. As per the Ventyx Inc., a subsidiary of Swiss Power transmission equipment maker ABB Ltd. (ABBN), the power capacity through harnessing wind energy was 6,519 MW by the end of November. This is more than that produced through gas and twice that of coal. Industry experts believe that the wind power generation will cross 8 gigawatts for the year of 2012, which would definitely be more than gas and coal… Read more

Growth of Wind Power in Latin America

Wind power is becoming the main renewable energy source in Latin America. It is expected to attain a capacity of 10, 000 MW in the next eight years. Many wind projects are currently underway not only in Brazil and Mexico but also in other countries like Argentina, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Chile. At present, the wind power sector produces power to the tune of 3,5000 to 4,000 MW in the region, and industry observers believe that this will go up to 10,000 by end of the decade. The governments are taking measures to encourage wind companies to take up initiatives in developing and setting up wind turbines. This has greatly improved the power situation… Read more

New Forecasting Machine to Boost Wind Power Sector

Professor Coimbra and Jan P. Kleissl have come up with a weather forecasting machine that they claim it is more effective than the ones that are commonly being used now. Power grid experts believe that the accurate forecast of the machine would encourage companies to use the wind power more judiciously. It could also be instrumental in greatly saving the cost of energy. The machine takes photographs of five square miles of the sky every half a minute and can forecast about the weather conditions for the next three to twenty minutes… Read more

San Francisco Plan Promotes Urban Wind Power

SAN FRANCISCO — Mayor Gavin Newsom (D) unveiled plans yesterday for installing turbines on rooftops around the city, with a goal of commercializing small-scale wind power and bringing down the cost of renewable electricity. Read this news in New York Times 9/30/2009.

Press Release 9/29/09 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA

Mayor Newsom today announced recommendations from San Francisco’s Urban Wind Power Task Force, charged with finding ways to encourage the expansion of local wind power generation in San Francisco. The Task Force’s 29 recommendations include working at the state-level to exempt small wind turbines from property tax increases, installing more City-owned small wind demonstration sites, and exploring offering permitting cost refunds.

Wind Power in Palo Alto?: Medical Foundation Buys Turbine From Local Startup

While businesses throughout the Bay Area are busy installing solar panels, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation is looking to tap an energy source more commonly associated with rural areas: wind power. Read more on – May 21, 2009.

Windation eyes commercial buildings for enclosed turbines

Rooftop units generate power with winds starting at 7 miles per hour—opening up a potential market in 70 percent of the U.S. Read more on

Urban wind power inspired by ancient Persia

New wind-power machine has been inspired by a centuries-old idea: Persian “wind catchers.”  Windation Energy Systems, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based start-up, has developed a wind appliance that looks more or less like the modern heating and cooling equipment you see on flat corporate building rooftops. Read more on

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