Windation manufactures, installs and warranties the highest quality wind electricity generating systems available today.

Windation Energy Systems is formed by a group of leading senior engineers and finance experts in Silicon Valley who are passionate about wind power and distributed electricity generation.

Windation Wind-catchâ„¢ patent pending technology enables urban-building electric systems to generate substantial amounts of clean power, which is more than of any other clean electricity system.

Buildings cumulatively are the biggest users of electricity thus they are the largest generator of Green house gas (GHG).

Distributed generation and wind turbine electric systems reduce the burden on the electrical grids while reducing the dependency on polluting fuels.

Wind energy has great benefits over other forms of commercial energy. Wind turbines look imposing, but in fact they take a small area. They are available in different sizes and can be installed as per the energy requirements. Above all, they are most useful in remote areas.

The company strives to establish that wind power is available in a cost-effective way.

The company has successfully developed its unique wind turbines on the rooftops in urban areas to use wind resources in a safe manner. Looking like a commercial AC unit, it only needs seventy square feet space on the rooftop to place the small turbine which weighs only 2,200 lb. The machine can generate 5 kilowatts of power per year. When good source of wind is available, it would be suffice to maintain an office space of one thousand square feet. It does not produce much noise or vibration and it has no exposed parts. Hence, it poses no threat to the birds.

The design of these generators is inspired by the ancient wind catcher buildings in Persia that were designed to suck in air from the top. The Windation machines also draw air from the top and manipulate its movements to generate power. With the available incentives and rebates, it is estimated that the initial expenditure of $45,000 can be recovered in five to seven years.

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