Why Windation?

With the dwindling of fossil fuel resources and its harmful effects on the environment coming into the limelight, the use of wind energy has gone up. At present, wind energy is being generated in countries like the USA, China, Spain, Denmark, India and Germany.

Wind, undoubtedly, has great advantages over other forms of conventional energy sources.

Lessens the dependence upon fossil fuel – The increasing use of wind energy can lessen the burden on fossil fuel, thereby, keeping the world away from global warming and other pollutants produced due to the use of bio-fuel.

Renewable energy source – Wind energy is part of nature and will never dwindle away. Its production is linked to the process of nuclear fusion. So, unlike the case of fossil fuels, one can safely assume that it will continue to be available as long as the sun is there.

Pollution free – Wind energy is clean and doesn’t emit any toxic emission and it produces no danger to animals, which is not the case with fossil fuels, and nuclear energy.

Great future – According to some estimates, the cumulative potential of wind energy in the world is around 3600 TW. This is staggering amount of energy source.

Available everywhere ‑ Although the intensity of wind may vary from place to place, wind energy can be generated at most places. And if you consider the fact that the turbines can be installed off-shore as well, it provides a lot of potential.

Cost-effectiveness – With the availability of better technologies, the cost of harnessing wind energy is significantly going down. In fact, it is estimated that there has been a reduction by almost 60 percent since the 1980’s.

Due to these advantages of wind energy, Windation, the company based in Silicon Valley, has come up with the state of the art technologies to harness it through the installation of turbines of various sizes. The company specializes in urban-building electric system.

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