Generating electricity through the use of turbines has been done for centuries. With the availability of modern technologies, electricity is being produced in mass scale for industrial as well domestic use.

Wind turbines have rotor blades that rotate around a hub. The hub is attached to a generator in the nacelle. As the wind rotates the blades, the shafts spins and electricity is produced from the mechanical energy thus generated with the help of the generator. The electricity is then connected to the transmission lines and grids.

The turbines can either be horizontal axis turbines or vertical axis turbines depending upon how they are oriented. Horizontal axis turbines are more popular. While most small scale turbines have the magnet generators, wound-field alternators are used in the earlier models. The induction motors are also used to generate electricity.

The type of towers can be different. There are free standing towers, till-up towers and fixed-guyed towers. Free standing towers are the most expensive.

Apart from the generators and towers, transmission lines, batteries and other electrical controls are also necessary to set up in order to harness wind power.

The U.S., China, Spain and India are the leading countries where wind power is being used. Denmark and China are among the top manufacturers of wind turbines. Of late, China is making rapid strides in this market.

With a share of 12.9 percent of global market, Vestas (VWS.CO) has been the leading manufacturer of wind power. It is followed by Xinjiang Goldwind Science (HKG 2208), popularly known as Goldwind of China which has 9.4 percent of share.

As per estimates, the wind power sector has resulted in supplying 71.7 gigawatts in the year of 2011. An annual growth rate of 10 percent in this sector is expected till the year of 2016.

The product of the Windation company is the following:

Model (Patent Pending) Dimensions Weight
TWM-50005000W power rating 9′ x 9′ x 10′ tall 2,200 Lbs.


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